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Daytripper Photo presents our final Don Komarechka session of 2015

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Daytripper Photo presents our final Don Komarechka session of 2015

By popular demand, we were able to convince macro photography wizard, Don Komarechka to hold one more session with us in 2015. 

If you have a fascination for the beauty all around you and find yourself inspired by the tiniest little details than macro photography is for you.  Don Komarechka sees the world in a different way and likes to play by his own rules and this certainly helps when it comes to the world of macro photography.

If you see Don's photography you can stare at it for hours and when you look away, then look back, that raw amazement kicks right back in.  His attention to detail and striking colour choices make his images linger in your mind long after you walk away from his print.  His talent is undeniable.

But here's the really cool part... Not only is he an amazing photographer, he is a phenomenal educator and welcomes you into his world and offers you extreme detail and understanding on how to achieve these images for yourself!  

What is even better is that Bryan Weiss from Daytripper Photo is also there making the personal support you may need that much more available.  Another exclusive offer is that each person that registers for this joint session will receive a copy of Don's book Sky Crystals.  The definitive book on snowflake and macro photography.    

Please join Daytripper Photo and Don Komarechka at Don's home in Barrie Ontario on September 1st as we marvel you with the details of the world around you.  


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