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Steel Wool Spinoff!

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Steel Wool Spinoff!

The spinoff has been something that has gained momentum over the past years and this year it promises to be even hotter!

This event is open to 2 categories.

1: Spinners - Bring your own steel wool spinning device and take centre stage.  The top 3 spinners will win a special trophy and the top spinner will walk away with a 100.00 cash prize!   

There's no cost to be a spinner but you must supply your own steel wool and your device must be tested and work safely.  

2: Photographer - Like our Bring on the night - Fire on ice sessions, there will be the Daytripper Photo instructors on hand for this event so your questions will be answered and there will be help to make the best photos you can.  UNLIKE the BOTN FOI sessions, there will be no photo essentials class before hand and you are expected to know what you would need to know to get yourself going. 

Because this is a fun show more than a DTP class, there is only a $40.00 charge for this session!  

Register early to ensure your spot at this fascinating and photographically amazing event!  

Register for this session here.  It's only $40.00 to shoot and FREE to spin!