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Birds of prey October 2nd 2016 - Foliage and Falcons

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Birds of prey October 2nd 2016 - Foliage and Falcons

Join us in Tottenham as the Ontario Falconry Centre joins us for this exclusive opportunity to learn tips and techniques for photographing birds of prey in flight and up close and personal.  

There will be many majestic birds of prey including bald eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, and more!  This session will be held in Tottenham on a working horse farm in classic Ontario countryside.   We will get longer flights, closer more natural looking photos, and no distractions in the photo's backgrounds.  

This session is only $200.00 for a one hour photo essentials class to prepare you, three hours of photographing the birds with the Daytripper Photo instructors by your side the whole time helping you make better photos, Sigma lenses to use for the day... including many of their best super telephoto, macro, and prime lenses, and a follow up hangout to review your results and discuss any questions you may have after the session at The Loft Studio in Newmarket.  

This is absolutely the best way to learn how to photograph birds of prey.  That's why we say... Daytripper Photo, This is our classroom...

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