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5 week mentorship program

Services and products

The services that Daytripper Photo offers are designed to teach specific aspects of photography while on location at some of Ontario's most beautiful spots.  Sessions are designed to teach and inspire any photographer and coupled with the Daytripper Photo community, the learning continues long after the session is complete.  

Our products are tools for you to enjoy photography that much better.  From neck chiller to wear on those hot hikes in the sun to custom camera bags that make accessing your equipment easy while making sure everything is safe and sound.  Daytripper gear is always a good choice!


5 week mentorship program

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5 week mentorship program


This 5 week mentorship is customised for each person's needs.  We give a full photo class and then an assignment each week for 5 weeks.  

Each session is held at The Loft Studio on Historic Main St, Newmarket and the schedule is flexible to work with your busy lifestyle. 

At the start of each week, we begin with a review of your assignment and then cover the essentials you will need to help with the following weeks assignment.  This ensures complete understanding of each topic before we start a new one.  

Booking this 5 week session adds up to a savings of more than $100.00 which makes this mentorship the best way to learn and lock in any new teachings.  

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