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Master Class - Ron Clifford.  One light wonder

Services and products

The services that Daytripper Photo offers are designed to teach specific aspects of photography while on location at some of Ontario's most beautiful spots.  Sessions are designed to teach and inspire any photographer and coupled with the Daytripper Photo community, the learning continues long after the session is complete.  

Our products are tools for you to enjoy photography that much better.  From neck chiller to wear on those hot hikes in the sun to custom camera bags that make accessing your equipment easy while making sure everything is safe and sound.  Daytripper gear is always a good choice!


Master Class - Ron Clifford. One light wonder

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Glinda The Good Witch27_ron_clifford.jpg
Christmas 2016-106_ron_clifford.jpg
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Master Class - Ron Clifford. One light wonder


What can you do with one light and one reflector and something to defuse the light with?

Apparently a whole lot more than you might think!.


Get amazing results with your speedlight by getting it off your camera and learn some creative ways to use one light and one reflector/scrim to create amazing portraits.


Let's be honest, Flash can be confusing. Flash can also be harsh but once you understand a few basic ideas, you will be able to confidently create beautiful, balanced lighting.  It’s like having sunshine in your camera bag.


What you will take away from this one-day session


  • We will be working with live models, a release to use the images will be provided
  • You will understand how to quickly arrive at the right exposure for the mood you want to capture
  • Camera sync speed and how to work with it, or work beyond it
  • Lighting 100% with flash
  • Lighting with balanced existing ambient light and flash together
  • Learn at least 5 lighting styles and when to use them

Ron Clifford, master of light and one of the founding masters at The Arcanum will also be sharing and demonstrating his approach to directing your model and evoking authentic reactions and expressions. 

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