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Last year I attended the hockey session with DTP. It was a thorough and professional learning session. The level of lenses that were available to shoot with were fantastic. Bryan Weiss made sure that each one of has one on one time while shooting as well. He made sure that we all got the shots we were looking for. I would recommend this for all level of photographers. Lighting is tricky in an arena, it’s changed a lot to have conquered this with Day Tripper Photo.
— Maureen McCargill
Didn’t have to go very far for this shot. I was sitting in my kitchen when my daughter said a friend had just landed. I looked up and saw this beauty. This is not common in a residential backyard in Oakville....
My camera was upstairs 1 flight and my memory card was downstairs ( now 2 flights ) an my 400mm lens was on the main floor. I ran so fast to get all this stuff together and while out of breath , I managed to squeeze off a couple of shots. If you think they are good, it’s only because I attended the Falconry Daytripper event last month and I followed Darren & Bryans’ tips on how to shoot these properly. The kudos goes to them (and my daughters keen eye).
These Daytripper events may seem expensive to some, but I promise you’ll get so much more than you think. Use your camera to its max !
(And NO, Bryan didn’t make me say that !

Thanks Darren and Bryan. This student feels gooooooood :)
— Rick Sulpizio
Yesterdays low light action photography daytrip was SO much fun and probably one of the most beneficial events for me so far (not that they all aren’t beneficial lol ). This one pushed me out of my “comfort zone”. I usually take photos of nature, landscapes, wildlife etc. This is something I’ve never done before, but have always wanted to try.

Thanks to +Bryan Weiss , and everyone else that attended this event that asked questions, answered questions, and shared equipment (+Blake Zimmerman ), I was able to understand a bit more about how my flash works. I used it in manual for the first time ever lol and understood the benefit of it for this type of situation. I quickly learned the importance of panning. I experienced “photographer elbow” from holding the 70-200 lol and was taught a ton of cool effects using my Gary Fong light sphere and coloured gels. As well as a light grid! Most importantly I learned that I need a new computer that can process my 867 images faster, and how much I want a new camera lol. Kidding!!!. .. (no I’m not).

Thank you Bryan and everyone else that came! I really appreciate having a great group of people to hangout with while doing what I love to do!!
— Stephanie Sullivan
Photo: Stephanie Sullivan

Photo: Stephanie Sullivan

My first experience with Daytripper was purchased for me by my husband last year to Burks Falls and Screaming Head Castle in October as a birthday gift. I was still learning how to use the camera and after talking to Bryan at Henry’s, he felt this would be great opportunity for me to enhance my interest in photography. When I first noticed the time schedule (5am - 10pm) my first thought was “OMG..what a long day”! Turned out...the time flew by so fast! The classroom ride up to Burks Falls and back was very informative. Both Bryan and Gabriel were excellent helping us out throughout the day. They had brought different lenses and filters for us to experiment with. This was so helpful as at the time, I only had the two lenses that came with my camera and it gave me a better idea on what type of lens I would like to purchase going forward.

I had purchased my first lens - Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC HSM a couple months later. It was recommended by Bryan and really love the quality of the pictures it takes.

Since then, I have attended another Daytripper session to Buttonville Airport and plan on attending other future sessions. I find the sessions very informative and a great experience. You get the chance to meet other photographers and learn different ideas or techniques. I highly recommend Daytripper.
— Julie Brocca
Photo: Julie Brocca

Photo: Julie Brocca

My history & review on my experiences with Daytripper Photo - this could be lengthy because I’m quite a talker lol

I got my first DSLR as a birthday present two years ago. For the first few months I shot in automatic because I had no idea what I was doing, lol. As I started to understand the “bryangle” I would venture into my local Henry’s and check out different gear and accessories. That usually made me feel intimidated because most of the associates spoke to me as if they assumed I knew what “fast glass” was, lol and I’d get no where! Then I was lucky enough to get +Bryan Weiss as an associate in the Newmarket Henry’s and haven’t been back to my local one since! lol

I’m pretty sure I started watching the Google + hangouts in January, and would listen to all of the older episodes on youtube while at work, lol. I found everything about the show beneficial. The dynamic of personalities, gear preferences, and the crazy amount of experience and knowledge between +Darren Gahan , +Gabriel Bousquet , and+Bryan Weiss and all of their guests makes the show fun to watch, so informational, easy to understand, and full of tips and tricks for any type of photographer - regardless of what you shoot with. Some of the things I’ve learned from this show are things that I find so essential that I probably never would have learned if it weren’t for the show. Like understanding what an image circle is. Once I actually understood put everything in place, and made photography make sense to me which I think is crucial. Thank you +DR Chevalier !

I try to go on every day trip that I can, and make sure I’m there for the review of the basics at each one. Even though I understand what we’re talking about, the possibility of someone asking a question that I wouldn’t have thought about..or asking a question about the specific event we’re shooting isn’t something I want to miss. Plus I get a sense of satisfaction with myself for knowing the answers! lol

With Daytripper photo I’ve learned how to photograph the sunrise at Lake of Two Rivers, how to capture a silhouette of someone or something with a beautiful sunrise as the backdrop in Algonquin park. How to capture flowing waterfalls, or stop the motion of the water. I’ve photographed moose in their natural habitat, and +Gabriel Bousquet wearing a hard hat while swinging fire around on a rope. I’ve learned how to ‘Bring on the Night’ with the “hat trick” for photographing fireworks, practiced panning, and learned how to use my focal points to make visually pleasing images. I discovered LIGHT PAINTING at Jokerhill ( my favourite thing ever lol ). I appreciate a true macro lens in comparison to the ability to focus close to an object ( or how to use the focal length and aperature of a 300mm lens to create a macro look ). I’ve joined a camera club and now I ACTUALLY know what fast glass is!

I tell everyone I know about Daytripper photo, and recommend it to every photographer I can! 
— Stephanie Sullivan
Photo: Stephanie Sullivan

Photo: Stephanie Sullivan

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