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10 years old!

Tips, Tricks and Updates

10 years old!

Bryan Weiss

Hello everyone!  

I know it's been a while since I posted an update here but I've been waiting 10 whole years to post this one!

April 1st 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Daytripper Photo and I want to celebrate!

We have planned some fun activities for 2018 to make photography more fun and to celebrate this major milestone for a small business like Daytripper Photo.  

Some you may of already seen are the $40.00 or $50.00 sessions we planned.  The fire on ice sessions are $40.00,  The Lightroom basics classes are only $50.00 each, Light painting at The Loft Studio is only $50.00, and in the summer we will have a fun FREE night time photowalk! (Date still TBD - let me know if you're in and I'll add you to the list)

And then there are the special ... Or should I say... SUPER special events.  

First is the First Annual Daytripper Photo Amazing Race Adventure!  Based on the TV show, The Amazing Race, we have planned 5 challenges that our teams will need to compete in.  The first team to cross the finish line wins 1/2 the pot plus a super special prize to be announced at a later date.  This session allows you to register 2 ways..   

Either individually where we will assign you to one of the 8 teams of 4 people.  

Or as a team where you and 3 other friends register as a team and compete together!  

This is going to become one of the most fun things you will do all summer so find a friend and register for this one asap!  

The next event is something that I have created with the permission and blessing of the family of our friend Michael Lane.  Michael passed away on June 10th 2017 while photographing at Albion Falls with friends.  He was a valuable part of the Daytripper Photo team and an incredibly talented artist.  His was a light magician!  He taught me how to light sculpt.  Using layers and composites, he could create the most imaginative photos and it was as though he didn't even need to think about it.  

Michael made a huge impact in my world personally that I hadn't even realized until he was no longer in it. He was humble, patient, and kind and anyone that knew him respected him.  

In his name Daytripper Photo has created the DTP Michael Lane Scholarship.  Based on applications, DTP and the Lane family will choose 1 person who will be able to take advantage of every day trip and every service DTP has to offer for 1 full year.  Come with us to Algonquin, take lightroom classes, learn how to paint with light, you name it... it's yours.  

We have begun hearing from folks who want to be considered for this scholarship so please if you're interested fill out the form below and we will be contacting everyone by June 10th 2018.


So after the first 10 years, I have learned a lot.  From how to run a business to how to make everyone in the community happy and even more importantly how to make myself and my wife happy at the same time.  I couldn't offer a bigger thank you to you all but I will try by saying how much I appreciate all of you who have been with me from the start back in 2008 when I began taking walks with you and going to zoo's with you... getting in cages with wolves and hanging out on the side of the road with moose... and you.  After all of the sessions teaching lighting to seeing your faces as you see burning steel wool flying through the air 4 stories high....  THANK YOU for coming on this fantastic journey with me for the past decade and here's to the next one!  

As always, have fun and KEEP SHOOTING.

Bryan -