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Inspiration... or lack thereof.

Tips, Tricks and Updates

Inspiration... or lack thereof.

Bryan Weiss

This is a photo taken on the Daytripper Photo Fire on Ice day trip.

This is a photo taken on the Daytripper Photo Fire on Ice day trip.

Inspiration...  or lack thereof.  

We all have our ups and downs and man, those downs really suck.  

We have had one of the coldest, snowiest, and longest winters I can remember.  It started early and just wont quit!  

This alone is enough to drive people mad.
With photography, we need to see something or think or an idea that makes us go.. YES! THATS IT... and then we have to have the time, the gear, and the luck to make it all develop into an amazing photograph. 

One thing I find myself saying on a daily basis is "Don't put unrealistic expectations on yourself and don't beat yourself up in those moments of doubt or frustration".  Put your stuff away and go back to it when you have a fresh view.  If you don't 'feel it' or can't see the results you are hoping for.  Bounce some ideas off of friends or community members and see what you get back.  Someone's lack of inspiration plus your frustration just may equal a brilliant idea!

When you don't have the time or the desire to even look at your camera... give yourself the  permission to not need to shoot!  
It'll still be there waiting when you get a call from a friend to go to Hamilton and shoot in an insane asylum!  Or Shoot some cool wrestling shots.. or even shoot a movie festival?!  

Sometimes, when I cant think of something to shoot, Ill look down at Mr Snaps or The Schwartz and give them a wink.  I know they are ready when I need them, I know they will always be there if I come up with a great idea or place to shoot epic photos.  I know that when Im ready, I have the tools I need to make something great. 

Its like being single... you can never find mr or mrs right until you stop looking.  

Have confidence that you know how to use your camera.  Practise as often as you can... I even play the EXIF game.  Look at photos and try and guess the settings..  Keep building your database.  Then, when the time opens up, the snow melts away, your inspiration comes back, you will be ready to make those amazing photos you know you can make!  


Chin up little campers, its going to be an amazing summer of fun and photography and Daytripper Photo will be leading the way into your epic photography dreams!