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Tips, Tricks and Updates

Shoot the moon! April 15 2014

Bryan Weiss

Be prepared for the lunar eclipse April 15th!

This may be a great opportunity to make some amazing photos!

eclipse final.jpg

We have helped many people make sharp, clear photos of the moon so I expect many of you may already know how to do this.  FAST shutter speed and around f8 with a low ISO is a good starting point.

But what you may not remember is that as the moon starts to darken, your settings will need to be modified for each photo!  

Use a tripod and a remote control so you can keep the camera steady as you shoot.  Remember to make sure you keep your focus points on the moon itself (it moves... FAST) and refocus before each photo.  Using manual focus can also help you with this!

Have fun, stay warm, and make some amazing photos!