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You know what they say about opinions......

Tips, Tricks and Updates

You know what they say about opinions......

Bryan Weiss

So here's another one!  


As you may or may not know, I work full time at Henry's Camera in Newmarket and I hear a lot of opinions on what is the right this or the perfect that...  And then I see someone else with something MORE perfect... or even better at this....  But if you get that, it will surely be perfect at.....

 I think you get the point I'm trying to make here.  Ultimately its experience that will determine what is right or wrong for YOU.  

This applies to anything in life from products to general philosophies on photography.  

A lot of how I feel about certain things is based on the experiences I've had with friends and colleagues and how their opinions have coloured my own.   We've all done it!  It doesnt mean Im a follower or a leader it just means that when I don't have experience with something and I rely on someone to help me with their own experience, I have to trust until I can verify.  That is where age and experience is really beneficial.  

Many of my friends have been professional photographers for 30-40 years and Im a relative newb with less than 10 years under my belt so of course I want to learn from them, I want to 'eat their brains and gain their knowledge' so to speak.  So when I learn something from them, until I can put it into practice and truly know if its right to me, I have to trust.  

Well, lately there have been some debates swirling around on what best for everyone.  RAW v JPEG, Push to the right, lenses don't influence depth of field, and many other things that I learned a certain way and has been proven to be both right and .. not ... right.  

One thing I always strive for Daytripper Photo is that we tell you what we know to be fact, give you inspiration and the locations to make great photos and plant the proverbial seed of knowledge in our community members.   Then, as time goes on, as you feed it that seed will grow.  With this seed,  you should be able to take your photography anywhere you want!   

As a photographer, there is always something new to learn and we'd be fools to think we know it all already so I have always kept an open mind and learned a long time ago that I should never say never!  As soon as I KNOW that Im right, I will most likely be proven wrong to someone.  

So what do we do about all of this?!  Here's my thought.  THINK FOR YOURSELF.  And experiment!  Build up your own database of experience and trust but verify anything that seems hinky or not quite right.  

If you want to shoot JPEG will your photos still be good?   OF COURSE!  

If you shoot RAW do you need to edit them?  YES!

Do you like my HDR photo?   NO!   But I made the same kind of HDR's when I started and through years of experience, I can now show you how to control the technique. (see the photo posted with this post.  An example of HDR the way I like it.. doesn't mean you have to like it!)  

Should you push to the right?  Well, if you want more data to work with in post, YES!  

However, maybe you are shooting star trails?  Or light painting....  Get the point?  

You have to learn enough about photography so that you can draw from your database of experience and know what is the right... sorry, the perfect thing for you.  

Is the Nikon 28-300 awesome?  YES!  But it's heavy and expensive so maybe the Sigma 18-250 is the better choice for you?   See?  

The world should never be so black and white.... unless you're Ansel Adams and then it should be.  And thats that.  

Id like to say that this is my 2 cents but due to the cancelling of the penny, it'll have to be a nickel.