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Tips, Tricks and Updates


Gabriel Bousquet

If you have listened to our show or attended our sessions you may have heard us say this before. A picture is interesting for many reasons: content, lighting, vision, story but also perspective.

Here are two pictures of ducks.

What picture is more interesting? Why?

How about these fireworks pictures.

Again, why was one more interesting than the other? The perspective of the shot. The photographer didn’t just walk up to the scene, lift the camera and snap a picture, they went out of their way to get up high, or down low and really get a unique perspective of the scene.

After months of study and research I have determined the problem. Moving is harder than standing still. Yup, I cracked the code ladies and gentlemen. But if life has taught me anything, it’s that every problem has a simple and easily implemented solution.

Here are some simple and easily implemented solutions I have come up with to help solve the “move” conundrum.

1) Don't allow yourself to take the same picture more than three times. All too often I used to walk up to a beautiful scene, snap 32 pictures (I like to overshoot) get home and realize I literally have 32 of the same picture. Now I have a rule that I never take the same image more than three times. After three clicks I have to try something different, from a different angle. This gets me moving around, up down sideways. HDR, polarizer, long exposure, you name it. Try everything.

2) Knee pads. I love the pictures my 5 year old takes because they show the world from a different perspective (about three feet lower than mine). Images from this angle are very popular at weddings, childrens birthday parties and even for landscapes. Seeing anything from a different height adds interest and allure to an image. I find knee pads are a great way to get down to this angle and experiment for longer without discomfort.

3) Get over it! Yes you may get dirty, yes you might look silly laying on the ground while others walk around you, but the shot is always worth it.

4) Don't use a tripod. Scott Kelby always warns of the dangers of tripod use. People go to a location, set up their tripod and 30 minutes later they're in the exact same spot. If you are going to use a tripod, use the three shot rule.

5) I don't have a number five, but lists always look better when there are five items in them soooooo, this is awkward.

I hope this has given you a couple tips on how to get some new perspectives with your shots. Please feel free to share any tips you may have come up with that helps you overcome the “move” issue. Also, please share any images that you create having finally “moved”.