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Pushing myself further with flash..

Tips, Tricks and Updates

Pushing myself further with flash..

Bryan Weiss

This past Saturday night I was able to test out some amazing gear shooting wrestling up in Barrie.  
Ive been shooting for Barrie Wrestling for the past 4 years and I've used this as a testing ground for new techniques and for trying out new gear.  Although I don't get paid, the things Ive learned have more than paid me back in experience and opportunities its brought my way,  

Nikon stepped up and leant me 2 of the Nikon Wr-r10 trigger sets and a SB-5000 flash and I borrowed the new D850, a D500, a 2nd SB-5000 and I used my SB-910 as well.  
So let me explain how this works..

I plugged a Wr-r10 into 10 pin terminal the D850 I was shooting with and used my SB-910 on the hotshoe for front fill.  I then plugged the 2nd Wr-r10 into the 10 pin terminal on the D500 that I had on The Rock (My Gitzo Basalt tripod - Yeah, i know... I name everything) and positioned to see the entire ring opposite of where I was shooting from.   I then set the 2 SB-5000's on light stands to create a light triangle.  

When I squeezed the shutter on the D850.... the whole works fired at the same time.

I am now looking through the photos for the first time and I have to say this kind of shooting can change everything!  Each time I'd try it, I'd be able to refine the modifiers on the flashes, I'd be able to change the positioning of them to create a more even light, and BOOOM I've got perfect lighting .... anywhere!   Add some coloured gels to compensate for the orange coloured walls of a church gymnasium and I can create any mood I can imagine!  

This technology may seem confusing or hard to set up but trust me, once I had a bit of guidance from the good doctor Ross Chevalier and Mark Cruz from Nikon, I got the entire concept and set up was a breeze. 

I loved using this gear and I will cry a little when I have to return the stuff back to Nikon but I'm excited to bring this experience back to the sales floor and onto my day trips to help anyone with an interest in off camera flash make better photos.  

The photos used with this post are unedited other than possibly a crop.  Usually for wrestling there is noise removal, white balance issues, and of course Id bring it into Nik Analog efx for my custom Barrie Wrestling preset to give it the final somewhat consistent look but shooting with this kind of light setup would save SOOOO much editing time.. If I even need to edit at all! 

Im not writing this post to say "hey look at me using all this cool stuff"  I'm merely saying that the tech makes something that Ive done for the past 10 years in total 50% or more better.  This can save me time and ultimately help me make the photos I've always hoped I could! 

Keep shooting, be safe, and share!