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Three things to think about before you press that shutter.

Gabriel Bousquet


One of the "myths" photographers like to spout while being nostalgic about film is that it "slowed us down and made us think about what we were shooting". This was a handicap, not a feature. This was because it took days for the image to come up in the "viewfinder". 

Weather you run and gun or take your time is up to you, not what equipment you use. That being said, our new found freedom allows for a new level of speed never before seen in this industry. It's tempting to snap an image and walk away but as it has been said by those much smarter than I "there is a huge difference between taking an image and making an image." 

Here are three things you can ask yourself before you press that button that can help take your photography to the next level. 

1) Why? 

There is nothing worse then a sharp image of a fuzzy concept - Ansel Adams 

Why are you taking this image. What story are you trying to tell, what message are you trying to convey. Could you get it better from a different angle? Are you rushing the image and fuzzying the message? 

2) Are you seeing everything? 

I know this has happened to me more than once. Everything looks perfect when I'm shooting then I get home and see a telephone pole coming out of their head. We tend to get tunnel vision and forget to look behind and around what we're shooting. 

3) How can you add the 5%. 

There is a difference between a picture that looks nice and a picture that absolutely blows you away. That difference can be as simple as waiting five minutes for the perfect light or adding a flash in the right spot or adding smoke to the background.